(M022A) Without Words

  1. Pred putovanje (Epstein / Tadić)
  2. Lusing (Epstein)
  3. Zajdi, zajdi (trad. Macedonian)
  4. Pajduška (trad. Macedonian)
  5. Jesen je (Tadić)
  6. Walktalk (Epstein)
  7. Lady L. (L. Shankar)
  8. Suling (Epstein)
  9. Nana (Manuel de Falla)

Peter Epstein on soprano and tenor saxophones, suling
Miroslav Tadić on classical and classical contra-bass guitars
Recorded in March 1992 at The Harmony Hall, Matsumoto, Japan by Todd Garfinkle
Photography - Self Portrait Series by Chris Morland
Production and jacket design by Todd Garfinkle