(M027A) Still Light

  1. Calcinatio auri (M. Stockhausen)
  2. Still Light (M. Nauseef)
  3. Aurum foliatum (Nauseef / Tadić / Stockhausen)
  4. Aurum potabile (M. Tadić)
  5. Materia prima (Nauseef / Tadić / Stockhausen)
  6. Aqua regis (Nauseef / Tadić / Stockhausen)

Mark Nauseef - drums, gongs and sounds
Miroslav Tadić - classical and classical contra-bass guitars
Markus Stockhausen - trumpet, piccolo trumpet and flugelhorn Recorded in March 1993 at the Harmony Hall in Matsumoto, Japan by Todd Garfinkle
Cover photo by Takiko Kawai
Design and production by Todd Garfinkle