(CMP 36) Dark: Tamna Voda

"Dark's latest release, Tamna voda, affirms its place as one of today's most innovative and accomplished new music groups." Jazztimes, August 1989
"With touchstones that range from John Coltrane to John McLaughlin to James Brown, Dark shifts through grooves in a dizzying stream of consciousness." John Diliberto, CD Review, August 1989
"Frankly, these guys smoke just about every ensemble in recent memory, and are sure to satisfy even the most critical listeners. THE definite crossover - World/Jazz/Fusion recording of the 80s." Glenn Hammett, Sounds Like..., Nov. 1989

  1. Trilok (M. Nauseef)
  2. Xantrophyl (L.Shinneman)
  3. Sacred Heart (M. Nauseef)
  4. Drifting (J. Hendrix)
  5. Buzzard Luck (L.Shinneman)
  6. Tamna voda (M. Tadić)
  7. Ready To Order (M. London Sims)
  8. Smoke At Will (M. London Sims)
  9. Para (J. Kühn)
  10. Merciful (M. Nauseef)

Mark Nauseef - drums
Miroslav Tadić - guitar
Leonice Shinneman - percussion drumset
Mark London Sims - bass
with L. Shankar - double violin and David Torn - guitar
Recorded by Walter Quintus at Studio Zerkall, Germany in August 1988
Produced by Kurt Renker and Walter Quintus with Mark Nauseef
Cover by Ulf von Kanitz, photos of Dark by Fern Seiden