(CMP 34) Bracha

"A fascinating instrumental music, sensitive and full of rhythmic power with clearly differentiated shades of instrumentation: their music has a very special aura." Jazzthetik Magazine, Germany
"World music in the best sense of the word, and this in a technically and musically perfect recording." Die Audiophile, Germany - Record of the Month
"Theirs is a profoundly beautiful recording, highlighting the use of western or jazz - type improvisation on top of Balkan and Indian foundations, marked by elegance and grace throughout." Jazziz Magazine

  1. Jacaranda (J. Bergamo)
  2. Jano, mori (trad. Macedonian)
  3. Internal Exile (D. Philipson)
  4. Floating Anxiety (D. Philipson)
  5. Kopanitsa (trad. Bulgarian)
  6. Izvor (M. Tadić)
  7. Merciful... for Milo (M. Nauseef)
  8. Šareno oro (trad. Macedonian)
  9. For Coltrane (D. Philipson)

David Philipson - bansuri bamboo flutes
Miroslav Tadić - guitar
John Bergamo - frame drums, darabuka, sogo, conga, Thai gongs, jaw harp
Mark Nauseef played Thai gongs on Merciful and frame drum on For Coltrane
Recorded by Walter Quintus at Studio Zerkall, Germany, in May 1988
Produced by Kurt Renker and Walter Quintus with Mark Nauseef
Cover design and artwork by Ulf von Kanitz