(Skrga Music 2016) Aritmia

"the two play with such serene authority that the listener is almost afraid to take a breath"
All About Jazz, March 2016,

After many years of friendship and musical affinity accordionist Merima Ključo and guitarist Miroslav Tadić unite to present ARITMIA - bridging classical, Balkan, and Flamenco music through innovative compositions, arrngements and creative improvisation these two internattionaly acclaimed masters create a unique and exciting musical journey.

Drawing from a great variety of material ranging from Bartok, de Falla and Satie to complex Balkan folk themes that feature unusual rhytmic, metric and melodic structures Ključo and Tadić combine their vast and diverse experiences to paint deeply moving and unique musical landscapes.

    From Romanian Folk Dances by Béla Bartók:
  1. Buciumeana
  2. Brâul
  3. Topogó

  4. Gnossienne No.1 (E. Satie)
  5. Nana (M. de Falla)
  6. Vranjanski čoček (trad.)
  7. Gde si dušo, gde si rano (D. Jenko)
  8. Ihtimanska kopanica (trad.)

  9. From Balkan Songs and Dances by Ključo & Tadić:
  10. Kraj potoka, bistre vode
  11. Pajduško oro

  12. Kafu mi draga ispeci (O. Pjevović)
  13. Hajd' sad majka (M. Ključo)
  14. Kaleš bre, Andjo (trad.)
  15. All arrangements by Ključo and Tadić

Merima Ključo - concert accordion
Miroslav Tadić - guitar

Recorded in 2013 and 2014 in Los Angeles
Recorded by Miroslav Tadić, mastered by Scott Fraser at Sound Architecture, Los Angeles
Graphic design by Bart Woodstrup
Produced by Ključo and Tadić
Now available at: cdbaby bandcamp itunes