CMP Records available in LP and CD format here.

ARITMIA (Skrga Music) with accordionist Merima Ključo - draws from a variety of material ranging from Bartok, de Falla and Satie to complex Balkan folk themes that feature unusual rhythmic, metric and melodic structures




    BALKAN FEVER (Naïve Records) with Vlatko Stefanovski, Theodosii Spassov and the MDR Leipzig Symphony Orchestra conducted by Kristjan Järvi 2014





MIRINA (Croatia Records) is a solo guitar project that features instrumental versions  of some of my favorite songs by several great song-writers from former Yugoslavia. The emphasis here is on simplicity, feeling and atmosphere. Here is a quote from a 2014 review by Nenad Georgievski on "All About Jazz" website: " All of the songs on Mirina are beautiful and haunting in their own right, emphasized even further by Tadić's guitar playing. And it is this emphasis on feelings over technique that makes it such an important recording." 2013




   VIDARICA (Nine Winds) with the vocal duo of Teofilović Brothers, presenting ancient songs from the Balkan region. This music transports and heals. 2012




    MIGRATIONS (Doberman - Yppan) with Dušan Bogdanović - 15 new pieces that defy categorization and mark 20 years of our playing and improvising together. 2011





   PONEKAD DOLAZIM, PONEKAD ODLAZIM (Croatia Records) Another collaboration with Rade Šerbedžija, this time presenting mainly original material recorded in 2009 and 2010 in Los Angeles and Zagreb.





  LIVE IN ZAGREB (Croatia Records) This 2007 CD/DVD marks the tenth year of Stefanovski - Tadić duo. We are joined here by two great masters, Theodosii Spassov (kaval) and Swapan Chaudhuri (tabla) for an evening of electrifying duo, trio and quartet performances.








IMAM PJESMU ZA TEBE (Croatia Records) with the legendary Croatian actor Rade Šerbedžija. A collage of traditional Gypsy and Macedonian songs and a handful of pieces by several distinguished Croatian poet-songwriters, this CD held a No.1 position on Croatian music charts for over six weeks. 2008








SNAKISH - Mark Nauseef, Miroslav Tadic and Walter Quintus with Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet) and Katja Quintus (spoken word): 
A work which consists of 14 pieces that thoroughly defy classification. Drums, bells, trumpet, classical and baritone guitars and spoken word are combined with Walter's processing and sound-sculpting to create sonic spaces of great uniqueness, dimensionality and beauty. "Snakish" was released by Leo Records at the end of May 2005.







TRETA MAJKA - the third Stefanovski - Tadić CD was recorded in April, 2004 in Skopje, Macedonia with the help of our friend and phenomenal Bulgarian musician Theodosii Spassov. We utilized classical, flamenco, steel string and baritone guitars and combined them with Theodosii's kaval in a program of traditional Macedonian dances and songs. We also included a dance from Turkey. The CD was released in Macedonia in October of 2004 and Croatia the following year.






WINDOW MIRROR (M016A). This solo guitar recording contains J.S.Bach's Suite for Lute BWV 995 and Miroslav's own suite of East European songs and dances called "Laments, Dances and Lullabyes." The recording was made at the Harmony Hall in Matsumoto, Japan, where Miroslav's sound was beautifully captured by the master of one-point recording Todd Garfinkle. The January 1997 issue of Guitar Player magazine called it "breathtaking."






LIVE IN BELGRADE   (ThirdEar 2001-01) featuring my guitar duo with Macedonian virtuoso Vlatko Stefanovski.  This electrifying performance was recorded in October 1999 at Sava Centar, Serbia's renowned concert hall in front of an audience of 4500. It is a live rendition of the material from the duo's critically acclaimed "Krushevo", with the addition of some previously unrecorded tunes.  








ČUČUK (Scardona Records), with Son Of Slavster.  This raw, getting-down-to-business performance is the only recording of Miroslav's Los Angeles based quartet. The band operated between 1995 and 1998, and built a large fan base playing loud and funky versions of Macedonian, Serbian and Gypsy tunes and using influences which ranged from Indian Classical to Surf music. Featuring Anand Bennett on electric violin, Courtney Bishop on bass and Bryon Holley on drums.








LULKA (Third Ear 01 / 03) "Lulka", meaning "The Cradle", is a fruit of Miroslav's collaboration with the legendary Macedonian singer Vanja Lazarova. Each of the ten traditional songs presents a different view of the treasure of Macedonian folk music and the possibilities of its integration with other musical languages. Vanja and Miroslav are joined by one of L. A.'s most unique DJs, Mark Reveley and Persian ney/percussion master Houman Pourmehdi. Currently only available in former Yugoslavia







KRUSHEVO (M044A) with the Macedonian guitar legend Vlatko Stefanovski. The duo recorded a set of ten traditional Macedonian songs and dances inside a unique national monument in the city of Krusevo, Macedonia. This 96 kHz audiophile recording captures the astounding acoustics of that space, as well as the performances which are dynamic, colorful, intimate and virtuostic at the same time.








LOOSE WIRES (ENJA 90712), a power-trio with one of world's leading tuba players, Michel Godard, who also plays the Medieval serpent and drummer and soul-brother Mark Nauseef. This record moves from gentle, acoustic textures to beautiful, gigantic sheets of sound. Beside originals it contains the music of Victor Kosma and John Coltrane.








THE OLD COUNTRY (M029A), with the harmonica virtuoso Howard Levy (also playing ocarinas and clavichord) and Mark Nauseef on drums. This completely acoustic audiophile recording is about sublime interplay and virtuosity that is so natural that it doesn't even matter. Beside original music it includes some folk tunes from Macedonia. 








STILL LIGHT (M027A) with Markus Stockhausen (trumpet, piccolo trumpet and flugelhorn) and Mark Nauseef (drums, gongs, sounds...). Recorded in the mountains near Matsumoto, Japan, this record is about the beauty of space, silence and sound.








THE SNAKE MUSIC (CMP 60), a Nauseef - Tadic labor of love with Jack Bruce (bass, harmonica, vocals), Markus Stockhausen (trumpet), David Torn (guitar), Wolfgang Puschnig (sax) and Walter Quintus (digitalia). Every piece is like walking through a new, unexpected door... Includes music by Hendrix, Zappa, Nino Rota and Jack Bruce.









LET'S BE GENEROUS (CMP 53), with Mark Nauseef (drums), Joachim Kühn (ancient electric keyboards and piano) and the Reverend Tony Newton (bass, formerly with Tony Williams Lifetime). The February 1993 DOWN BEAT magazine said: "Nothing could get any harsher, more defiantly-in-your-face than Let's Be Generous." The August 1992 NEW MUSIC REPORT said "It's dark, brilliant, aggressive, beautiful, rich and demanding music." Includes music of Eric Dolphy.








DUŠAN BOGDANOVIĆ: Keys To Talk By (M019A) Mark Nauseef and I join this truly exceptional composer and guitar virtuoso in a recording of his compositions. Recorded at the beautiful Harmony Hall in Matsumoto, Japan, this CD features two large compositions for two guitars and percussion and Dušan's mind-bending "Polymetric Studies" for solo guitar.








DARK: Tamna voda (CMP 36) Beside Mark and Miroslav, DARK was: Mark London Sims (bass) and Leonice Shinneman (percussion, keyboards). The band's guests on this record were L. Shankar (double violin) and David Torn (guitar). This powerful recording contributes to the instrumental music tradition pioneered by such artists as Frank Zappa, King Crimson and The Mahavishnu Orchestra, with the "music that hangs over you like a threatening and mesmerizing cloud" (Jazziz, Oct. 1989)








BRACHA (CMP 34) with John Bergamo (percussion), David Philipson (bansuri-north Indian bamboo flute) and Mark Nauseef (guest percussionist and co-producer). This 1988 release was the very first record I ever made and I hold the time I spent in "Bracha" very close to my heart.  It was an exciting musical adventure and a foundation for much of my later work. This recording showcases Bracha's elegant and graceful style in a distinctive form of World Music that unites the musical heritages of Eastern Europe, North and South India and the Americas.








JADRANKA: Baby Universe (Omagatoki OMCX-1010 / Croatia Records)) Jadranka is a singer/songwriter from Sarajevo, Bosnia, and here each one of her songs is like a window into a unique and unexpected landscape. Beside playing we arranged most of the tunes for the band which includes Yasuhiro Kobayashi (accordion), Howard Levy (harmonica), Michel Godard (tuba) and Yoshoko Sakata (biwa).








WITHOUT WORDS (M022A) features the exceptional sound and musicianship of saxophonist Peter Epstein (soprano and tenor sax, suling). After years of various collaborations, we made this recording which, beside our own compositions, contains works by Manuel de Falla, L. Shankar and folk music of Macedonia. 













CAN YOU FOLLOW This 2008 release is a 6 CD box set spanning Jack Bruce's career from 1962 -2003 and it contains the Nauseef/Tadic arranged and produced version of "Wind Cries Mary" by Bruce's close friend Jimi Hendrix














   PANGEA - a 2006 release with Lian Ensemble and two of the worlds greatest musicians, Djivan Gasparyan (duduk) and Swapan Chaudhuri (tabla)














156 STRINGS is a unique compilation of 19 original solo acoustic-guitar pieces. Some of the participants include Fred Frith, Nels Cline, Mike Keneally, Janet Feder, Henry Kaiser and many others.








THE JACK BRUCE COLLECTOR'S EDITION (CMP 1013) Here you will find four of Nauseef - Tadic collaborations with Jack, including the radically reworked and previously unreleased "Politician". The musicians on this CD include Eric Clapton, Gary Moore, Ginger Baker and Trilok Gurtu.







DUŠAN BOGDANOVIĆ: Levantine Tales (M013A). In his M.A debut Miroslav joins his distinguished colleague and compatriot Dušan Bogdanović for some duos that range from contemplative, harmonically rich and unpredictable pieces to raucous, virtuostic dances inspired by the music of India and the Balkans. Recorded at the Gallery of Frescoes in Belgrade, Serbia, a space noted for its unique acoustics.