(Third Ear 01/03)



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  1. Ti li se najde Leno, mori
  2. Ilija ke odi v' tugina
  3. Proseta se Jovka Kumanovka
  4. Petro, Petrolenko
  5. Neso, pile
  6. Vo livagje
  7. Tamu le dolu
  8. Gukni mi gukni, gugutko
  9. Ne pretezaj
  10. Stojane, sine Stojane (instrumental)

      (all selections are traditional Macedonian folk songs,
       except no.5 by Velkov Boskov Todor)

       All arrangements by Miroslav Tadic


Vanja Lazarova, vocal
Miroslav Tadic, acoustic and electric guitars, baritone guitars, electric bass and samples
Mark Reveley, jaw harp, harmonica, shaker, drum programming
Houman Pourmehdi, ney, tonbak, def, udu drum

Recorded, produced and mixed by Miroslav Tadic, December 2002 - March 2003
in Los Angeles

Vocals and basic guitar tracks recorded by Vlatko Stefanovski in August 2002
in Skopje, Macedonia

Executive producer: Ivo Jankoski

Availability: Currently this CD is available only in Macedonia and neighboring countries, and ordering from there would be impractical due to shipping costs. We are hoping to make it available worldwide by the end of summer. Please check this page frequently for latest developments. You can also check the record company's web site at: