Live In Belgrade

(ThirdEarMusic 2000-01)



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  1. Dafino, vino crveno
  2. More cico rece da me zeni
  3. Jano, mori
  4. Jovano, Jovanke
  5. Ajde da li znaes, pametis Milice
  6. Pajduska
  7. Proseta se Jovka Kumanovka
  8. Gajdarsko oro
  9. Uci me, majko, karaj me
  10. Kalajdzisko oro
  11. Oj, ovcarce

      (all selections are traditional Macedonian folk songs or dances) 


Vlatko Stefanovski on nylon and steel - string guitars, dobro

Miroslav Tadic on flamenco guitar

Recorded live on October 8, 1999 at Sava Centar, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Production and cover design by Vlatko Stefanovski and Miroslav Tadic

Availability: Currently this CD is available only in Macedonia and neighboring countries, and ordering from there would be impractical due to shipping costs. We are hoping to make it available worldwide by the end of summer. Please check this page frequently for latest developments. You can also check the record company's web site at: