(Ma-No MNCD001)



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  1. Djevdjelijski Cocek
  2. Donkino Oro
  3. O Brsim Perera Caje
  4. Pajduska
  5. Jovka Kumanovka
  6. Cucuk
  7. Memede, Mori Memede
  8. Zensko Krsteno Oro

      (all selections are traditional folk songs or dances,
       except no.3 by Saban Bajramovic
       all arrangements by Miroslav Tadic)


Miroslav Tadic on electric and acoustic guitars

Anand Bennett on electric violin

Courtney Bishop on electric bass

Bryon Holley on drums and percussion

Recorded in December 1995 in Los Angeles by Matt Cohen

Cover design by Tadej and Aleksandra Torbica